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Leveluk K8 Alkaline Water Ionizer


The Kangen Water Leveluk K8 is the Gold Standard of water ionization filtration.

The Leveluk K8 is the most powerful antioxidant water machine that features 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for amplified antioxidant potential and for ideal water alkalinity that restores balance to the body.

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Leveluk K8 Water Ionizer Certification

What’s the Big Deal With Tap Water, Bottled Water, and Drinking Water.

Not all water is the same.

It is no secret by now that tap water from your sink is not the healthiest, purest form of water that should be consumed.

A three-year investigation into the country’s drinking water conducted by the Environmental Working group (EWG) found that about 85% of the population’s drinking water contained close to 316 contaminants. Of those contaminants, 60% of them currently have no safety standard or concentration safety threshold regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The Safe Drinking Water Act that aims to regulate the cleanliness and purity of drinking water by setting appropriate standards for levels of contamination has not been properly updated since 1974 and has not had any new contaminants/chemicals added to that list since 2000. 

Surely a Few Contaminants Won’t Hurt My Health… Right?

Many of the contaminants today reach levels of concentration within our drinking water supply that can be harmful to people when consumed frequently. It is important to note that the dangers and potential health consequences of these contaminants have not been extensively studied in long term models, nonetheless, the adverse health effects on developing children.

The following contaminants are the most common and some of the most harmful:

  • Lead
    • Lead is a toxic metal that can have adverse side effects even at low doses. Concentrations of lead usually depend on a few factors such as acidity of the water, the temperature of the drinking water, and the type of plumbing infrastructure.
  • Chlorine
    • Chlorine is used for many reasons and in many different industries which all aim to control microbes within the water. Exposure to Chlorine is known to have adverse effects to the hair, skin, eyes, and nose. Can be absorbed through the skin as well.
  • Mercury
    • Mercury is a toxic liquid metal that when exposed to, can lead to severe health complications. It is thought that most of the Mercury that contaminates the water supply is through erosion of natural deposits, wastewater from refineries and factories, and cropland runoff.

These additional unsafe microbial and organic waterborne contaminants are common observe within our drinking water:

  • Aluminum
  • Ammonia
  • Cadium
  • Barium
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Radium
  • Silver

With waterborne contaminants and toxins being deleterious to one’s health, very rarely does the conversation about water pH come about.

The Importance of water pH

Pure water is considered neutral with a pH of about  7. Sadly, very rarely will water be pure at this pH level in nature or in drinking water, even with a regular water purifier that you purchase at the store. 

Many factors can influence the acidity or alkalinity of water with some of them being soil composition where the water might have passed through or where water might have passed through bedrock. There are also more unnatural, man-made factors that can affect the acidity of drinking water such as the dumping of chemicals into nearby water sources, water runoff from agricultural fields, and raw material mining. 


So… Should You Care About the pH of Your Water?

Well, if you care about improving and maintaining your overall health with the added benefit of reducing potential health risks, then yes. Water pH is crucial to maintain balance in the body and aid in metabolic processes. A diet that is high in acidity with acidic beverages can result in inflammation, higher blood pressure, weight gain, and impaired immune system response. 

With that being said…

What is so great about the Kangen Water Leveluk K8 Machine

Despite the contaminants that remain in our water, most water filters will remove a fraction of contaminants and impurities. The Kangen Water Leveluk K8 Machine is considered the gold standard of water purification and alkalinity. 

Most water purifiers you find attempt to remove impurities and improve the quality of the water through reverse osmosis and distillation. While they remove some impurities, the process will remove all minerals from the water that your body so desperately craves.

Those basic water purifiers and filters will alter the pH level of the water to become more acidic than neutral. This happens because during reverse osmosis or the distillation processes of filtering impurities from water, they remove healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium which adds to the acidity in our bodies.

The Gold Standard of Alkaline Water and Water Purification – Leveluk K8 Water Ionizer

The Kangen Water K8 Ionizer removes impurities while retaining minerals, improves the quality of water through a negative oxidation-reduction potential, and restores balance to the body through producing alkaline water. 

This is all possible because of the Kangen Water Leveluk K8’s eight titanium plates. Through these plates the process of electrolysis takes place where direct current is utilized to initiate a non-spontaneous chemical reaction which results in the purified, alkaline Kangen water.

Water High in Antioxidants? Do Antioxidants in My Water Matter?

The Kangen Water Leveluk K8 Filter can reduce instances of oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress occurs when oxidation reactions take place, producing free radicals which then react with other molecules in the body. Antioxidants help mitigate the damages or harms of oxidation by lending an electron to a free radical in order to stabilize the free radical. 

Free radicals have the potential to start large chain chemical reactions within the body because of how easy the free radicals react with other molecules. When there are more free radicals present than antioxidants there to stabilize the free radicals, free radicals can begin to damage the body which may lead to disease later in life.

This is because free radicals damage DNA, proteins, and fatty tissue in the body. The damage done on a cellular level takes a lot of time to recover from, and prolonged damage from free radicals can lead to severe health complications down the road.  

Hydrogen Rich Water With the Kangen Water K8 Filter

The Kangen Water Filter K8 improves the quality of the water by producing hydrogen rich water. Hydrogen rich water is characterized by the water featuring a negative ORP. This means the water has a higher anti oxidising potential which is great for maintaining a healthy environment within the body minimizing oxidation and acidity. The concentration of elevated levels of molecular hydrogen acts as an efficient, high performing antioxidant that can repair cell membranes and reduce free radicals in the process.

Leveluk K8 Water Machine Ease of Use

The Kangen water machine K8 utilizes a full color, user friendly LCD panel with voice prompts. With this control panel you are able to have access to 5 different water types. Each of the water types have their own unique purpose with varying pH levels.

Our bodies maintain a pH level of around 7.35-7.45 and it is of utmost importance to maintain this level within the body in order to avoid severe health complications in the future. The easiest way to maintain this pH level is through consuming healthy, pure, alkaline water that you can get through your Kangen water machine.

There is no maintenance required for the K8 Kangen water machine as the machine can self regulate itself. The water filter will clean itself to ensure its longevity and purity of water. The Kangen water machine has an auto on/ off feature in order to conserve energy. 

The K8 water ionizer also comes equipped with smart filter technology that notifies the user when it is time to replace it’s filter in order to maintain pure, alkaline, ionized water.

Consensus – Why the K8 Kangen Water Machine Is Worth the Money

Consuming the right type of water is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well being. With each of the Leveluk K8 Kangen water filter machines lasting over 25 years, it is a sound investment for multiple reasons.

The 5 Water Types From the Kangen Water Leveluk k8 Machine + Each of Their Purposes.

Each of these water types can be chosen within the LCD display on the Kangen Water K8 Ionizer Machine.

Strong Kangen Water – pH 11

This type of water is not designed for drinking rather it is meant for hygiene throughout your daily life. The strong Kangen water is best used for cleaning vegetables or fruits. Another great use for the strong Kangen water is cleaning kitchenware, removing tough grime from vents, cleaning oil, and as a general purpose cleaner for your kitchen. You can actually use less detergent when washing your dishes which will save you a little bit of money. One great feature about this type of water is its ability to remove stains from clothes. 

Kangen Water – pH 8.5 – 9.5

This type of water is best for drinking and cooking. This normal Kangen water is electrolytically reduced, hydrogen rich which helps to restore your body to a more alkaline state, ideal for maintaining a healthy body. Users will save money on grocery bills and reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing less bottled water.

This Kangen water is also great for cleaning vegetables and fish. Another added benefit is the enhanced flavor of certain foods when you choose to cook with Kangen water. Foods such as onions, broccoli, peppers retain more of their flavor when boiled with Kangen water.

Watering plants with Kangen water also revitalizes the plants. The Kangen water can replenish some lacking nutrients in plants while stimulating germination, improving seedling development.

Clean Water – pH 7

This type of clean water is free of contaminants and is great tasting drinking water. It is ideal for mixing with powders if needed or taking medications. This is because neutral water is easily absorbed into the body and maintains the integrity of medicines.

Beauty Water – pH 4 – 6

This beauty water provided by the Kangen water machine is not intended for drinking. The slightly acidic beauty water is designed to gently cleanse your skin and add to a beauty/ skin care routine. It is a great face wash due to its toning and firming effect on the skin. You are also able to implement the beauty water as part of the hair care routine to serve as a conditioner. 

Beauty water is also great for cleaning your pet’s fur, polishing mirrors, glasses, windows, removing dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, and much more. This allows you to save even more money by not needing to constantly purchase harmful cleaning solutions and sprays.

Strong Acidic Water – pH 2.7

This type of water is not for drinking but is best used for cleaning. The water contains cleansing properties that are best used for removing germs from high-contact points within the home and for removing germs and bacteria from kitchen ware, utensils, and countertops.

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